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Commercials, Theme Park, Villa Design & Landscaping

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I worked on​ several large commercials in the 80's & 90's as Art Director including a British Telecom commercial with Stephen Hawking but had not made any more until 2 years ago.

The first was a Hunky Dory Crisp commercial in Dublin, Ireland. Richie Smyth was directing & it was set in a stylised Ancient Greek bathroom.

The set was built in a studio.

The second was San Miguel beer made in Barcelona & Thailand with JA Bayona directing.

The commercial was shot mainly on locations & required some construction but mainly dressing.

To see the commercials click on the links below

Tabernas, Almeria, Spain


After working in Almeria, Spain on the final Season of 'Penny Dreadful', I was approached by a Western/Cowboy Theme Park called 'Mini Hollywood' to design a new extension to their already large Western town, which had been built for the Spaghetti Westerns in the 70's.​

There were some relatively uninteresting areas that they wanted to bring to life & having seen 'Penny Dreadful' film at another Theme Park they wanted to make theirs more appealing to both the public & potential new films as a Wild West location.

Alicante, Spain

I designed the house in 2012 & handed the designs to a local Architect to complete the drawings required for planning permissions.

It is designed to be a very light & bright house but protected from direct sun except in the winter when the sun is allowed to enter to help maintain warmth. The construction began in late February 2013 & was completed just over 1 year later.

There are still areas of the garden to finish but here are some drawings & photos of the project. I was trained as an Interior Designer with a degree in 3D design & I am available & would love to design more villas or any kind of development such as hotels or restaurants.

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