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Production Designer

Based on the books by Leigh Bardugo.

Initial concept designs & setting up the show construction & dressing for the 2 first Pilot episodes directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Designing sand skiffs, the tented encampment & docks, carriages & wagons & the various towns & cities, plus overseeing the initial prop designs & dressing & scouting locations

Sets built at studios in Budapest & on various locations around Hungary.

'TERROR- Infamy'
Production Designer
Anthology series.

Set during the Second World War & starting in Los Angeles. The story of a Japanese fishing community who, as a result of the attack on pearl Harbour are rounded up & sent to internment camps. Aside from the arduous lifestyle & social upheaval there is a Japanese Ghost story that runs through the season.

Filmed in Vancouver & sets built at small studios & on locations around Vancouver. 

Production Designer
Anthology series.

Set mainly in the Arctic in the 1880s it is the story of a real expedition to the Arctic. The 10 episodes are based on a story by Dan Simmonds but adapted to episodic Television for AMC.

The Terror was a ship in Her Majesty's Navy & together with her sister ship The Erebus they set sail to discover the North West Passage until things went terribly wrong.

All sets were built in warehouses & 

studios in Budapest plus some locations were filmed in Croatia.

Released in March 2018.

Production Designer
2 Emmy Nominations
Bafta Award & BFDG Award

Set in London in the 1890s it is an amalgamation of most of the well know Victorian Horror characters plus some new ones. The production was made completely in Ireland with sets at Ardmore studios & some locations in and around Dublin. The second season required a backlot set for the streets of Soho, which was also adapted to be other parts of London & adapted again for the 3rd season as Chinatown. 

Production Designer
as Supervising Art Director
2 Emmy Nominations

Set in the 15th Century The Borgias is a story of corruption & power within the Vatican & Italy, with various City states vying for power but ultimately controlled by the Borgia Pope. The production was made entirely in Hungary with most sets being constructed at Korda studios including a large backlot set which comprised sections of Rome, Naples, Florence & adapted to be various other cities too.

Supervising Art Director

My role was to organise, oversee & help realise the massive set constructions we had to build in Morocco, as well as make sure everything worked for our allocated budget.

The project was based in Marrakesh but had sets & locations outside of Marrakesh in the Atlas Mountains, Ourzazate, Hait Benhadou, & Erfoud in the far south.

Another part of the job was coordinating with the UK sets that needed to be constructed & also the set decorating department.

Supervising Art Director

Based in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia we had to build sets, re-build & dress locations & build a 40 metre Paddle steamer that had to be fully sea worthy. My role was supervising all the construction & location hunting & consequent builds & dressing as well as making sure it all worked for the budget. The Paddle steamer was built onto an existing Tug boat which was used for pushing Oil barges up & down the Magdalena river. The modifications meant involving marine architects & engineers to make sure the tug was capable of carrying the extra superstructure we were adding.

Supervising Art Director

Based in Budapest with interior set builds at Fot studios & location builds around Budapest plus a major set build in a quarry close to the Slovakian border.

My second film with the Production Designer Wolf Kroeger who is extremely demanding of his team. Using all local construction companies but supervised by UK Heads of Department & a UK Construction Manager.

I was responsible for helping find locations, finishing the sets on time & on budget & to a high quality of finish & overseeing the design & execution of plans & sketches & coordinating with the Set Decorating department.

Supervising Art Director

Based at Pinewood studios with some sets also at Shepperton studios plus large location builds in Morocco & work in Thailand. I was overall in charge of around 50 people in the Art Department & overseeing the construction of the massive sets. The Supervisor's role is to also liaise with Production, help schedule the shooting around set builds & re-vamps & make sure everything is delivered on time & on budget.

I had to travel between studios & foreign locations to check in with the various Art departments we had set up plus help find locations suitable for the various scenes.

Various roles

Some photos of a few other films & Tv series that I have worked on.


'Reign', Designer

'Home of the Brave', Designer

'Love Actually' S.A.D.

'Just Visiting', A.D.

'Band of Brothers', A.D.

'A Far off Place', A.D.

'Frankenstein' A.D.

'Sphere' A.D.

'Empire of the Sun', Asst. A.D.

'Jewel of the Nile' Asst. A.D.

'Young Sherlock Holmes',  Draft

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